Xilography museum

What is it

Inaugurated in 1987, in Campos do Jordão, the Xylography Museum is a private museum, occupying a building erected in 1928. This house formerly sheltered the Benedictine Nuns of the Saint John Monastery. Today it headquarters the company Editora Mantiqueira (Mantiqueira Publishing House), which sponsors the Xylography Museum.

The Museum collects and preserves woodcut and wood engraved prints, that is, printings made on paper (or another support material) from a wood block. This technique is also known as Xylography. Part of the Museum’s collection, which currently includes thousands of works by more than one thousand engravers, is permanently displayed to the public. The Xylography Museum also promotes other cultural events, and holds a woodcut and wood engraving atelier, a typography printing shop and a specialized library.

By disposition of the Museum founder’s will, its buildings and collection shall be donated to USP – the São Paulo State University, from which the Xylography Museum receives eventual technical guidance.


The Xylopraghy House is open to the public from thursday to monday (just close tuesday and wednesday), from 9 to 12 AM and 2 to 5 PM.

Closes from 1 till 25 december

paid entrance


A place full of history

The Xylography Museum is located in Brazil, in the city of Campos do Jordão, State of São Paulo. Nestled in the Serra da Mantiqueira (Mantiqueira Mountains), at an altitude of 1,700 meters, the city of Campos do Jordão has always attracted artists and writers. Currently, with its luxury hotels, it attracts tourists from all over the world, and especially from the three major Brazilian cities – São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. Such tourist influx has stimulated the organization, in the city, of important cultural milestones, such as the Classical Music International Festival, the most important erudite music festival in Latin America, the permanent art collection of the State Government Summer Palace, and the Xylography Museum.

The Xylography Museum headquarters is at Av. Eduardo Moreira da Cruz n. 295, in the Jaguaribe district, on the corner of a public square. This square is a history-rich point, where the town of Campos do Jordão was first settled, in 1874. The city’s first chapel was erected there, where today stands the church of Nossa Senhora da Saúde (Our Lady of Health).

Besides woodcut and wood engraving printing , other arts are present in this square. There is a sculpture by Felícia Leirner, created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Campos do Jordão, in 1974. The church of Our Lady of Health displays a mural painted by Expedito Camargo Freire, who lived in a house on the same square. A large rock is engraved with a poem by Ranulpho Mendes, winner of the 1st National Poetry Contest in Campos do Jordão, which took place in 1987 and was organized by Editora Mantiqueira.


Antonio F. Costella
Founder and General Director

He was a university professor for three decades. He taught at Universidade de São Paulo - the São Paulo State University (Escola de Comunicações e Artes - Communication and Arts School), at Faculdade de Comunicação Social Cásper Líbero (Cásper Líbero Social Communication College) and at other Brazilian institutions, as well as at the Escola Superior de Jornalismo (Journalism College) in Porto, Portugal, in 1989.

He has published 35 books classified in three groups:
a) Technical Works in the Law and Communication History areas, as well as Art History and Technique, including wood engraving ;
b) Literature for the public in general, including fiction and poetry; and
c) Children’s and Teens’ Literature.

He is also a plastic artist dedicated to painting and woodcut and wood engraving printing.
In 1987, he founded the Xylography Museum, a museum of which, to this day, he is the general director.

Leda Campestrin Costella
Technical Director

With a degree in Beaux Arts from the Faculdade de Belas Artes (Beaux Arts College) of São Paulo, Brazil, she taught for many years in public and private schools.

She also attended courses on conservation, restoring, binding, filing technique and museology.

She has developed researches on paper making, printing, including stamping on fabrics and engraving, especially woodcut.

As the technical director of the Xylography Museum, she is responsible for, among others, the conservation of the Museum collection, promoting the eventually necessary restoring works, and the good maintenance of its technical reserve.



Artists on museum collections in 2021 april




Abigail G. Dantas

Abraão Bezerra Batista

Acacio Arouche

Achille Costi

Achim Nicklis

Ad Stijnman

Ada Morgenstern

Ada Stronzki

Adalgisa M. C. de Campos

Addisseny de Carvalho Ganem

Ademir Francisco

Adolf Kohler - fundo

Adrian Künzi

Adriana Aparecida de Paula Migotto

Adriana Borrello

Adriana Dias

Adriana Maset

Adriana Morosini

Adriano Castro

Adriano Gambim (Rocha)

Adriano Luiz Ramos de Castro

AEleen Frisch

Afrânio Ângelo do Prado Ornelas

África do Sul anônimo

Aguidavid Xukuru

Aida Crocetta

Ailton de Oliveira

Airton Laurindo da Silva

Airton Marinho

Alba Balestra

Albert Mauerhofer

Alberto Cesar La Vera

Alberto Elicetche

Alberto Ramos (Palacios)

Alberto Rocha (Carlos Alberto Rocha)

Albrecht Dürer

Aldemir Martins

Aldo Bonadei

Alejandro Luis Iglesias

Alessandra Buffe

Alessandra Gandin

Alessandro Teixeira de Souza

Alex Carrari

Alex Gama

Alexander de Oliveira Pinto

Alexander Leal Garcia

Alexandre de Morais Almeida

Alexandre Gomes Vilas Boas

Alexia Brasil

Alexis Calderón

Alfonso Ballestero

Alfredo Neves Junior

Alice Bombardi (Alice Roger Bombardi)

Alice Gafner

Alicia Escot

Aline Petroni Cezario

Alison Fenech

Alix Manchet

Allan Greenier

Almelice Aparecida C. Alves Rocha

Altina Felício

Altina Felício (Altina Felicio dos Santos)

Alvimar Geraldo Silva

Amadeo Curatolo

Amanda Gordon Miller

Amaro Francisco Borges

Amilson (Cavalcante) Montenegro (Jr)

Amilton Damas

Ana Alice Francisquetti

Ana Calzavara

Ana Carolina de Souza Lourenço

Ana Carolina Vieira Menezes

Ana de Niemeyer

Ana Denise

Ana Denise Rocha Souza

Ana Elisa Dias Baptista

Ana Fátima Carvalho

Ana Gertner

Ana Helena Lima

Ana Hotak ( Ana Takano)

Ana Lúcia Ribeiro Pacheco

Ana Maria Daskal

Ana Maria Gelso

Ana Melo ( Ana Paula Rodrigues de Melo)

Ana Paula do Val

Ana Paula Melo

Ana Paula Rodrigues Melo

Ana Paula Santos Cardoso de Miranda

Ana Paula Souraty

Ana Rosa Gutierrez

Ana Strika

Ana Takenaka

Ana Vieira (Ana Beatriz Vieira Pinto)

Anabela Gonçalves

Anahi Hernández Galaviz

Anastassia Tchougounova-Tetrel

Anderson Mamede Santos

Anderson Rei

Anderson Wilcke

André Acosta Chiesa

André Afonso Goulart

Andre Clerc

André Gustavo Gomes de Almeida Santos

André Luiz Yassuda

André Magnago Alves

André Miranda

André Nicolau

André Nicolau (André Nicolau Lopes Vieria Pizarro)

André Reis Balsini

Andrea Angrisani

Andrea Fehr

Andrea Hollatz-Brown

Andréa Lotto (Andréa Isabel Lotto)

Andrea Muthig

Andrea Pagnacco

Andréa Tavares

Andreas Hornbogen

Andreas Kramer

Andreas Mayr

Andreas Weissgerber

Andréia Anjos

Andréia Cristina Victório

Andres Torres (linóleo)

Andrew Borloz

Andrew Gott

Andrew Michel Stone

Andy English

Anelise Bisson (Anelise Ortiz Costella Bisson)

Angel Herrera


Ângela Barbour

Angela Cristina Kuckartz

Angela Gonçalves

Angela Leite

Angélica Tiso

Angelique van Wesemael

Angelo Tokutake

Anico Herskovits

Ann Zahn

Anna Carolina

Anna Leite Bigão

Anna Maria Gioia Giorio

Anna Maria Tani

Annamie Pretorius

Anne Van Oppen

Anne-Marie Petardi

Annette Polzer

Anônimas - França

Anônimas da China - variadas

Anônimas da China eróticas

Anônimas da China -Tripitaca

Anônimos da Tailândia

Anôninas da China - Rei Macaco

Anteo Scordamaglia

Antoinette Nigay

Antonia Liliana Brienza

Antonio Almeida

Antonio Baixa-Funda

Antonio Batista da Silva

Antonio Benetazzo

Antonio Canet Hernández

Antonio Carbone

Antonio Celestino

Antonio da Costa Dias

Antonio Eslava

Antonio Fernando Costella

Antonio Goper

Antonio Henrique Amaral

Antonio Maués

Aou Huan Tchan

Aprigio (e Frederico)

Ariana Chaivaranon

Ariane Braillard

Arlete Cousandier Santarosa

Arlindo d' Rocha

Arluce Gurjão (Arluce Maria de Jesus Gurjão

Armand Röhl

Arnaldo Balbo Junior

Arriet Chahin

Artur de Andrade Soares

Artur Luis Piza

Astrid Lange

Atalie Rodrigues Alves

Augustina Quiles

Augusto Nunes Pereira

Augusto Sampaio

Áurea Nogueira Lima

Axel Leskoschek




Barbara Bradley

Barbara Carr

Barbara Kuebel

Barbara LaPlaca

Barbara Mason

Barbara Zietchick

Bea Gold

Beá Tibiriçá

Beam van Waardemberg

Beatriz Balen Susin

Beatriz Peigo de Oliveira

Bee Shay

Benê Dantas ( Benedicta Apparecida Duarte Dantas)

Bernd Friedrich

Bernd Hendl

Betânia Maria dos Santos

Beth Pacchini (Elizabeth Pacchini)

Beto Nascimento (José Roberto Nascimento)

Bonizza Modolo

Bonnie Baker

Bosco Baittiner Ficca

Brenda Diller

Brigitte Voite

Bruna Ingrao

Bruna Marassato (Bruna Luana Marassato)

Bruna Zamana

Bruno Antonello

Bruno Blumer Duarte

Bruno de Andrade Campos

Bruno Gentinetta

Bruno Oliveira

Bruno Patto



  1. Gladys Muñoz

Caio Rocha

Calasans Neto

Calberto (Carlos Alberto Silva)

Calendrier des Berges

Camila de Oliveira Ferreira

Camila de Oliveira Varella

Camila Guasco (Camila Sancho Marques Guasco)

Camilo Thomé

Candace Nicol

Carla Horat

Carla Petrini

Carla Semprebon

Carlos Alberto Pacheco

Carlos Alves dos Santos

Carlos Bernasconi

Carlos Caprara

Carlos de Souza

Carlos González

Carlos Henrique Soares ( Juazeiro)

Carlos Mier y Terán Benítez

Carlos Patricio Gonzalez

Carlos Peixoto ( Carlos Eduardo Fonseca Viera Peixoto)

Carlos S.

Carlos Scliar

Carlota Zennaro

Carlus Campus

Caro Niederer

Carol Chapel

Carol Grespan

Carol Hetherington

Carol Lyons

Carol Myers

Carol Neel

Carola Trimano ( Ana Carolina Trimano)

Carole Carroll

Carolina Koyama

Carolina Lopes

Carolina Robin

Carolina Salinas ( Carolina Salinas De la Cruz)

Carolina Sans

Caroline Gaspar

Carolyn McLeod

Carsten Borck

Carsten Busse

Cartolibreria Lotti

Catharina Brödlin

Catherine Fischer - Greenhalgh

Cava (Wilson Furtado Cavalcante)

Cecile Martins

Cecília Suzuki

Cejane Ramos

Celestino (Correia de Freitas) Neto

Célio Pereira

Célio Rosa

Cesira Carpanesi

Charles Morgan

Charlotte Bastian

Cheong Hoi I (Mel Cheong Hoi I)

Chiara Bustaffa

Chico Diabo

Choni Fuentes

Christian Von Amehn

Christiane Dubois

Christina Edithe Lehmann Cesar

Christina Knobbe

Christine Cummimgs

Christine da Silva Pereira

Christine Streuli

Cibele Monteiro Andreoti

Cicero Alberto

Cícero Lourenço (Cícero Lourenço Gonzaga)

Cícero Vieira( dos Santos)

Cinda Berry

Cinthia Meireles Picelli Stevanatto

Ciro Fernandes (Ciro de Uirauna)

Clara Barreiro

Clarice Gonsalves Toledo

Clarice Jaeger

Claudete Castro

Claudia Aparecida Ruiz Ferreira Ribeiro

Cláudia Comte

Claudia Corò

Cláudia dos Santos Rosário

Cláudia Mattos

Claudia Messmer

Claudia Müller 

Cláudia Ribeiro

Cláudia Sperb

Claudia Tolentino

Claudia Vess

Claudio (Clò) Grassetti

Cláudio Caropreso

Cláudio Ferraz de Oliveira

Claudio Mubarac

Cláudio Rocha

Claudio Tozzi/ Antonio Benetazzo

Claus Meyer

Clayton Araujo

Clayton Santos de Carvalho

Cleber Alexsander

Cleiri Cardoso

Cleiveane Dirlean Luchese Marques

Cleuzer de Barros

Cleverson Teixeira

Constança Lucas

Constance Brewer

Consuelo  Cuerda Ferreira

Consuelo Vallina

Cosmo Borovina

Cosmo Braz

Costanza Brahn

Cristiane Batista Rocha

Cristiane Inokuma (Cristiane Pereira Inokuma)

Cristina Bottallo(Mª.Cristina de Carvalho Bottallo Quandros)

Cristina Cortezzi

Cristina Paiva

Cristina Rios Leme

Cylene Dallegrave

Cynthia Calfat

Cyro ( Cyro P. da Silva)




Dadí (Ignês de Castro )

Damasio Paulo

Dan Stacy


Daniel Alves

Daniel Dew

Daniel Marcolan ( Daniel Marcolan Gutierres)

Daniel Mendoza Cruz

Daniela Antonello

Daniela de Assis Victorio

Daniela di Bari

Daniela Gambolò

Danilele Galiazzo Massari

Danilo Juliano

Danilo Leite

Danilo Passos

Danilo Pereira Sato

Danilo Perillo

Danúbio (Vilamil) Gonçalves

Darcio Amaral

Darel Valença Lins


Daryl DePry

Dave Bull

Davi Lima de Araujo

Davi Moura

Davi Rodrigues

David Antonides

David Chieppo

David Grecov

David Willian ( David Willian Gonsalves)

Debora Antonello

Débora Wust de Proença

Debra James Percival

Deco Vasconcelos (André Luiz Roseno Vasconcelos)

Denis Araujo

Denis Coelho

Denise Müller

Denise Rodrigues Barbosa

Dennis Vecchione

Deusa Lucas de Carvalho

Dezinha Antunes

Diana Hartley

Diane Cutter

Diane Patmore

Diego Gonçalves

Diego Santana de Farias (Diego Sann)

Dila (José Soares da Silva, depois José Cavalcanti Ferreira)

Dilmara de Fátima Coelho Santos

Dione Rabelo (Maria Dione Rabelo Nogueira)

Dirce Mendes Araújo Santos

Djalma Toledo

Dolores B. Branco

Domingos Sávio

Dorothy Bastos

Dorothy Schultz

Doug Haug

Doug Van Fleet

Douglas Barzon

Douglas Norris

Duda (Eduardo França dos Reis)

Duílio Juliel Galli

Duri Galler



Eberhand Hartwig

Eda Lani

Ede Galileu da Silva

Edénei Brizot

Edgard Moura Bittencourt Neto

Edilson Oliveira da Silva

Edison da Luz

Edith Behring

Edith Gimenes

Editions Siloé, Calendrier des Bergers

Edizione Pulcinoelefante

Ediziones Museo della Carta di Fabriano

Edizioni Artistiche-Libreria Lotti-Fabriano

Edmar Hermeto

Edna Faria Fernandes Cirne de Toledo

Ednéia Santos da Silva


Eduardo ( da Silva) Faria

Eduardo dos Santos

Eduardo Fondello

Eduardo Iglésias

Eduardo Intrieri

Eduardo Lima

Eduardo Macedo

Eduardo Manoel Campelo

Eduardo Raosnel

Eduardo Robledo Romero

Eduardo Santos

Eduardo Ver ( Valter Eduardo Flávio da Silva)

Edward De Ybarra (Cacazul)

Edy Santo

Egon Bresien

Elena Garduño Hernández

Elena Hlodec

Elena Patrizia Dell´ Andrea

Eleonora Del Giudice

Eli VanderBerg

Eliana Ambrosio (Eliana Ribeiro Ambrosio)

Eliana Leonir (Monteiro Gonçalves)

Eliane C. de Souza

Eliane Santos Rocha (Nara Eliane Lagranha Santos Rocha)

Elias Garcia Benavides

Elias Santos

Eliége Ribeiro

Eliézio da Silva

Elio Goes Coelho

Eliomar Testiba

Elisabeth Cibot

Elisabeth Vernet

Elisabetta D´Este

Elizabeth Bernardes Vieira de Assis

Elizabeth Busey

Elke Däemmrich

Ellen Shipley

Elli Graetz

Elói Antonio Lindini


Emanoel Araújo

Emilio Freire Rodrigez

Emilio N.P.

Emilio Poloni

Emine Özdemir

Enéias Tavares dos Santos

Eni Ilis ( Eni Ilis Rivelino)

Enio Cintra

Enzo Hiroyuki (Enzo Hiroyuki Kagueyama Cavazzana)

Eric Hofman

Erik Michel

Erivaldo Ferreira da Silva

Erivana d’Arc

Ermelindo Nardin

Ernesto Bonato

Ernesto Dávila

Ernst-Ulrich Jacobi

Eros Oggi (Metal)

Esa Bianchi

Estado de S. Paulo, O

Estela Maris Cainelli


Eunice Vaz

Eva Fargi

Eva Gallizzi

Eva Sambo

Evaldo Eras

Evandro Sybine

Evanice Santos

Expedito Camargo Freire

Expedito Sebastião da Silva



  1. Bandeira
  2. Maxado (Franklin Machado)

Fabiana F. Costa

Fábio Esper Hannah

Fabio Pelosin

Fabio Santin

Fábio Sapede ( Fabio Cesar Ismael Sapede)

Fabricio Lopez

FadlinMokhtar (Kudap)

Fátima Lourenço (Mª. de Fátima Llourenço Nunes)

Fátima Moura

Fatima Oliveira (Maria de Fatima de Oliveira)

Fayga Ostrower

Fayolle Violaine

Federico D´Antoni

Felipe Ribeiro Caires de Brito

Felix Rebolledo

Ferez Khoury

Fernanda (Silvestre) Grabner

Fernanda C. Prado

Fernanda Maria de Castro Solla

Fernanda Pompei

Fernanda Solla (Fernanda Maria de Castro Solla)

Fernando Gómez Alvarez

Fernando Polito

Fernando Ramos

Fernando Souza Rodrigues

Fernando Vilela (de Moura Silva)


Fiona Humphrey

Firenze Poggi

Flávia Fábio ( Flávia de Almeida Fábio Garboggini)

Flávia Pedroso

Flávia Yue

Flávio Castellan

Flávio Paes Pedro

Flávio Pólo Filho

Florencia Macarena Basta

Florian Foerster

Florindo Enoki

Florival Oliveira

Francisca do Val

Francisco (Horta de Albuquerque) Maranhão

Francisco Bandeira

Francisco José Maringelli

Francisco Marinho da Silva

Francisco Stockinger

François Burland

Françoise Marechal

Francorli (Francisco Correia Lima)

Frank Hartung

Frank Trueba

Franz Bucher

Fred Bauer

Frederico (e Aprigio)

Frei Pedro Pinheiro

Friederike Krusche

FRS (Fernando Rodrigues Sousa)



G.Aguiar (Jeane Caldas Hora)

Gabi Etinger (Gabriela Caroline Etinger Gomes)

Gabi Kromer

Gabriel Arcanjo

Gabriel Leão ( Gabriel Chimenti Leão)

Gabriel Pérez

Gabriel Vieira ( Gabriel Viera dos Santos Almeida)

Gabriele Wiesike

Gabriele Wolters

Gabriella Giuriato

Gangary (Julio...)

Gariba ( Gabriel Gariba )

Garibaldi (José Garibaldi)

Gayle Wohlken

George Javis

George Rembrandt Gütlich

Georgina Torres

Gerald Narr

Gerson Ipirajá

Gerson Oliveira

Gian Shimada  Brotto

Giancarlo Ragonesi

Gianna Mazzoli

Gianni Favaro

Giba Ilhabela

Gida Zimmerling


Gilberto Martins Gondro

Gilberto Pereira

Gilberto Thomé

Gilda Gouveia

Gillyin Gatto

Gilvan Lopes de Souza

Gilvan Samico

Gino Savino

Giordano Perelli

Giorgio Adami

Giovanni Brambilla

Gisela Jacintho de Paula

Gisela Kurkhaus - Müller

Gisele Otoboni

Gitta Kohls

Giuseppa Baltera

Giuseppe Alesiane

Giuseppe Biasin

Giuseppe Denti

Giuseppe Rapicano

Giusi Naletto

Glaé Macalos ( Glaé Eva Macalós)

Glaucia Nagem

Glaucia Previato de Oliveira

Gloria Alonso

Goári ( Elves de Arimatéia Gomes)

Godoy ( Luisa Godoy)

Götz Drope

Graciela M. Pereda

Graham Scholes

Guadalupe Victorica

Gudrun Abdin

Gui Prada ( José Guilherme Prada)

Guido Weggenmann

Guilherme de Faria

Guilherme Mansur

Guilherme Prada (José Guilherme Prada)

Guillermo Mac Loughlin

Guiomar Anastácia

Guo Chia

Guo Lean

Guo Lin

Gustave Doré

Gustavo Luiz Salvatore

Gustavo Nonato

Gustavo Santana

Guy Salles



Hamurabi Batista Bezerra

Hannah Birgit Neumann

Hannah Brandt

Hans R. Wüthrich

Hansen Bahia ( Karl Heinz Hansen)

Harald Reibke

Harry French

Hassan Hassouba

Heath Simpson

Heinz Keller

Helen Leanne Aland

Helena Bononi ( Maria Helena Ramos Bononi)

Helena Freddi

Helena Kanaan ( Helena Araujo Rogrigues Kanaan)

Helena Kioko Nakazato Sonagere

Helena Somaio

Helga Schönfeld

Heliana Almeira

Heliete Botelho ( Heliete Coelho Botelho)

Helio de Souza Fróes

Hélio Pucci

Hélio Schonmann

Helios Gagliardi

Helmut Wenczel

Heloisa Goes

Heloisa Rosa Resende de Oliveira

Helvy Gretter

Hely Faria Paiva

Henry Ruck

Heraldo Candido

Herbet  F.Steffen

Hércules Silva (Hércules Firmino da Silva)

Herta Bannasch

Hilary Painter

Hilda de Alencar Gil

Hilda Paz Levozán

Hiroshige Ando

Hiroshige Rissai

Huan Tchao Tchan

Huan Yon Hon

Hugo Negrini

Hüshiye Ceylan



Ian Antony Macleod

Ian Anüll

Ian Chge Chan

Ignacio Navarro Cortez

Ilaria Rigoni Stern

Ilsa Leal Ferreira

Ilse Klasing Sparovek

Ilse Mazza

Inácio Rodrigues 

Indiara Nicoletti

Ingolf Neumann

Inu Bere, Sinorino Bere de Jesus

Iole di Natale


Iraci Brito da Silva

Irael Dias

Irene Ribeiro

Irene Wydler

Isabel Ayres

Isabel Cristina Coelho Carvalho

Isabel Cuadrado

Isabel Lorenzzo Barsotti

Isabel Pochini

Isabel Pons

Isabel Zanini

Isabella Pugliese Chiavassa

Isabelle Gourcerol

Isabelle Lavergne

Isidoro Cottino

Israel Tolentino Cotrina

Itajay Martins

Iva DeCarlo

Ivald Granato

Ivan Cornelio

Ivan Zancan


Ivani Pinheiro da Silva Santos

Ivani Ranieri

Ivanir Cozeniosque Ivanir Cozeniosque Silva)

Ivoni Cicconi Moutinho de Carvalho

Iza Helena Paes Tavares



  1. Barros (José Antonio de Barros)
  2. Barros Jr.
  3. Borges (José Francisco Borges)
  4. Miguel

Jacinta Lopes ( Jacinta Kelle Lopes)

Jacira Moura

Jacó Rissin

Jacobo de Barbari

Jacqueline Aronis

Jacques Cesa

Jacy de Oliveira

Jailson do Capim

Jan Hamstra(J.R.van Woudenberg Hamstra

Jane Cainelli ( Jane Mari Rubechine Cainelli)

Janel Warmington

Janet Gohres

Jayme Xandó

Jean Delpech

Jean -Jacques Volz

Jean Womack

Jean-Luc Manz


Jeanne Norman-Chase


Jeinefer Silva Romagnoli

Jenn White

Jerelee Basist

Jerônimo Soares

Jetta Müller

Jimmy Morales

Jo Achermann

Jo Andrade

Joacir Lyra ( Joacir Lyra Esteves)

Joan Thompson

Joanne Price

João Alberto Tessarini

João Bosco ( Joaõ Bosco de Oliveira )

João Carlos

João Carlos Lima de Morais

João de Barros (João Antonio de Barros)

João Gomes de Sá

João Moura

João Paulo José da Silva

João Pedro Carvalho Neto

Joaquim Corrêa Cintra

Joaquim Pinkalsky

Joel Borges

Joel Francisco Martins

Joel Gama (Joel Silva da Gama)

Joel González Marrero

John Alec Moist

John Armleder

John Center

John Furr

John Pegg

John Ryrie

Joice Trujillo (Joice Cristina Trujillo Garcia)

Jörg Ashey Petersdolf

Jorge Caxeado

Jorge Eliecer Rodrigues Osorio

Jorge Luiz

Josafá de Orós

Josane Gauer

José Altino

José Antônio

José Caboclo da Silva

José Costa Leite

José Dias

José Fernando Leite ( Zefer Leite)

José Lourenço Gonzaga

José Luis Marchesetti

José María Sainz Ruiz

José Martins Santos

José Maximiano Arruda Ximenes de Lima

José Miguel Borges

José Milton Turcato

José Paulo Ganzeli

José Raimundo

José Rueda

José Vieira Dias

José Ximenes de Lima

Josef Felix Müller 

Josef Jancsikity

Josilene de Oliveira

Josué Amadeo Moreira Ribeiro

Jota Junior

Joyce Farias de Oliveira

Joyce Melguiso ( Joyce Melguiso Toth)

JR Martindale

JRS (Jussandir Raimundo de Sousa)

Juan Cano

Juan Cornelio

Juan Monte

Juan Pablo Villalpando

Juarez Paraíso

Julia Bastos de Souza ( Julia Bastos de Souza)

Julia C. Cardoso de Souza

Julia Contreiras

Julia Leite

Julia Müller

Julia Wakefield

Julian Campos (Julian Campos da Silva)

Julianna Humphreys

Julianne Kershaw


Julieta Warman ( Julieta Virginia Warman)

Julio Cesar Peña

Julio Fernández Peláez

Julio Rodriguez

Julio Silveira

Junko Hoshino

Jussara Leite Kronbauer

Justino Paulo Bandeira



Kalle Pihlajasaari

Kalvero (Antonio Carlos D’Avila)

Kama Jackowska

Kamila Fernandes Vasques Moreno

Karen Cristine Souza

Karen Fonseca Cardoso

Karen Kunc

Karen Macauley

Karoline Oliveira Trannin

Kaspar Toggenburger

Kathe Welch

Kathleen Willoughby

Kathy Boykowycz

Kati Gausmann

Katia Cristina Silva Gonzalez

Katia Margolis

Katia Miyahira

Katrin Magens

Kazuo Wakabayashi

Keila Okubo

Keila Rosa

Keith Graham

Kelson Teles

Keren Appuk Vendramini Bassini

Klaus-Peter Vellguth

Kô Nozue (Catarina Nozue)

Kolene Dietz

Konez Jossef

Kordula Kral

Kristine Alder



Lais Alves de Oliveira Lima

Laís Miguel Lacerda

Lala Malvezzi

Lani Goeldi

Lasar Segall

Latifa Sayadi

Laura Chicopar

Laura Cristina Fernandes

Laura Liliana Castell

Laura Stor

Laura Virzí

Lazlo Licata

Ld Lawrence

Leandro Serpa

Leda Campestrin (Leda Campestrin Costella)

Léia Izumi ( Léia Izumi Rodrigues de Lima)

Leni Buch

Leo Prieto (Leonardo Martin Prieto)

Leonardo Alencar

Leonie van Santovoort

Leonísio Vinicius

Leslie Donald Halpern

Letícia Basso (Maria Letícia Basso)

Leticia Gonçalves do Nascimento

Li Lin Tsi

Lia Malfermoni

Ligia Boppré

Lília Manfroi

Lílian Arbex ( Lílian Waleska Farinazzo Vitral Arbex)

Liliana Conti Cammarata

Lina Salvo

Linda Beeman

Linda Yamanaka

Linden Langdon

Lindete Amorim Santos

Lino (Antonio Lino da Silva)

Lio Schin

Liriah Alvares

Lisa Toth

Litografia Cruz de Malta

Litografia Cruz de Malta

Litografia Cruz de Malta

Livia Carta

Livio Abramo

Liz Glass (Elizabeth Monosowski Glass)

Lo Wei

Lon Chan Min

Lorena Bianco

Lorenzo Capote

Lorenzo Rumonato


Lou Ta

Louise Cass

Louise Freire Tenuta

Lourdes (Hiroko Miki )Sakotani

Lourenço (José Lorenço )

Lourenço Ypiranga Neto

Lu Aragão ( Lunalva Chagas Menezes de Aragão)

Lu Martins (Luciana Martins Tavares de Lima)

Luanda de Oliveira ( Luanda Jucyelle Nascimento de Oliveira)

Luc Van Quickenborne

Luca Pasqualini

Lucas de Andrade Novo

Lucas Parotte Rosa

Lucas Reynoso

Lúcia (de Fátima dos Santos) Neto

Lúcia Ribeiro ( Maria Lúcia Ribeiro)

Lucia Zennato

Luciana Ortega

Luciana Pia Faccini Cimarelli

Luciana Prado Pupio

Luciana Taniguti Bertarelli

Luciane Aparecida Miranda - Lirou

Luciane Chio ( Luciane Chio Magalhães)

Lucianita Moraes Campos Pereira

Luciano Bezerra da Silva

Luciano Ogura

Lucie Maria Schreiner

Lucien Martini

Luciene Lacerda (Luciene Alves de Lacerda)


Lucrecia Orloff

Lucy Blankstein

Ludmila Porto

Luigi Golin

Luigi Simonetta

Luis Carlos

Luis Guilherme Silveira Monteiro

Luis Henriquez Navas

Luis Karimai

Luis Lara Calaña

Luis Matuto (Luis Fernando Tavares dos Reis)

Luís Morado

Luis Solorio

Luisa (Alves de)Almeida

Luisa Asteriti

Luisa Tinazzi

Luise Weiss (Litografia e pedra litográfica)

Luisella Caffieri

Luiz Alves

Luiz Carlos Officina

Luiz Chalita

Luiz Fernando Zulietti

Luiz Gonz (Luiz Gonzaga de Paula Viera Junior)

Luiz Natividade

Luiz Ramos

Luiz Samoia

Luiz Torres (Luiz Antonio Torres Villar)

Luiz Tourinho

Luiz Ziul ( Luiz Fernando da Silva)

Luiza Arantes Nasser

Luiza Melo

Lun Tcha Huan

Lygia Eluf ( Lygia Arcuri Eluf)

Lynda Furr

Lynita Shimizu

Lynne Hubner

Lyria Palombini



  1. Adelina (CostaMaria Adelina Costa)
  2. Clarice Sarraf (Maria Clarice Sarraf Borelli)
  3. Clemente
  4. Lubambo


Mabel Fontana(Mabel Noemí Fontana de Girotti)

Mabson Ferreira Caires

Madalena Hashimoto

Maércio Lopes (de Figueiredo) Siqueira

Magali Camacho Garcia

Magdalena Capuano(Magdalena Cristina Capuano)

Mai  Britt Wolthers

Manoel Apolinário

Manoela (dos Anjos Afonso Rodrigues)

Manoela Afonso

Manuel Inácio

Manuel Messias

Marcel Göring

Marcela Alcira Miranda

Marcela Miranda

Marcela Villarreal

Marcelo Aguilar

Marcelo dos Santos

Marcelo Ferreira

Marcelo Grassmann

Marcelo Grassmann

Marcelo Heleno

Marcelo Kopp

Marcelo Lopes

Marcelo Lopes Leal

Marcelo Oliveira

Marcelo Soares

Marcia Campos dos Santos

Marcia Cristina Paraguassu de Oliveira

Márcia do Rosário de Faria

Márcia Maria Ribeiro Brabo Pontes

Márcia Regina Arnold

Márcia Santtos (Márcia Campos dos Santos)

Marcilio Tabosa de Castro

Márcio dos Santos

Marcio Elias ( Marcio Elias Santos)

Marcio Elias Santos ( Marcio Elias Santos )

Márcio Pannunzio

Marcio Roberto Grego

Marco Albuquerque González

Marco Antonio Fabro

Marco Baká

Marco Bellotto

Marco Buti (metal)

Marco Rizzi

Marco Trentin

Marcos Freitas

Marcos Varela

Maren Reblin

Margaret Barnaby

Margaret Krakowiak

Margareth Zanchin

Margaretha  Pertoll Breitenberger

Marguerite Ogden

Maria Angélica Chiang

Maria Angélica Costa de Oliveira

Maria Aparecida C. dos Reis

Maria Arango Diener

Maria Barbosa de Paula

Maria Bonomi

Maria Caboni

Maria Cecilia Pimentel

Maria Celeste P. da Silva

Maria Claudia de Sousa

Maria Conceição Menegassi

Maria Cristina Alves Assunção

Maria do Rosario de Castro Solla

Maria do Rosário de Castro Solla

Maria Emilia M.Carriço

Maria Grazia Bomman

Maria Grazia Mosca

Maria Helena Rosa Pereira Leite

Maria Helena Santana Souza

Maria Ibañez Lago

Maria José de Castro

Maria José Melo Gonçalves

Maria Lucia Ribeiro

Maria Luiza Batista Cardoso

Maria Mercarelli

Maria Pia Perolo

Maria Pia Torcelli

Maria Pinto( Maria Regina Pinto Pereira)

Maria Rebouças

Maria Regina Pinto Pereira

Maria Ribeiro Brabo Pontes

Maria Rosa Dissera

Maria Santa Barbara

Maria Teresa Cazzadori

Maria Teresa de Oliveira Pinto Pedroso,Teresa Pedroso

Maria Theresa Tonus

Maria Vittoria Zoccai

Marian Osher

Marian Tescarollo (Mariana Tescarollo Kern de Oliveira)

Mariana Ardito

Mariana Ferreira Capozzoli

Mariana Macedo Marcondes

Mariana Passini Cruz

Mariana Quito

Mariangela Galbiate

Marianne Rinderknecht

Marie Ito

Marie Malherbe

Marilda Bernardes

Marilene Dias

Marilia Ribeiro

Marilu Trevisan

Marilynn Smith

Marina Alves( Mariana Alves de Oliveria Caldas)

Marina De Bonis

Marina Rothberg

Marinês Busetti

Mario Alimede

Mário Porfírio

Mário Valdanini

Maríon Berg

Marisa Fava

Marisa Matos

Marise Escobar

Marisi Mancini

Mark Mason

Mark Vosmeier

Marlene Crespo (Marlene Perlingeiro)

Marlene Maciel

Marlene Mariano

Marly Calilo Bezerra

Marly Freitas (Francisca Freitas Santos)

Marta  Loguercio ( Marta Giselda Loguercio Bittercout)

Marta Valério

Martin Lotz

Martin Moratillo

Martin Thönen

Martinho Campos

Mary Johnson

Mary Weimer Green

Masato Nagai

Massimo Lomasto

Matheus  Simões ( Matheus Magalhães Simões)

Matheus Ferreira

Matheus Giavarotti

Mathias Mrowka

Mathias Roloff

Maty Vitart

Maura de Andrade ( Maura de Andrade Novo)

Maura Takemiya ( Maura IoshikoTakemiya)

Mauro Guatelli

Max Renan Silva Barrozo

Maximilian Holl

Mayara Polizer

Mayda Costa

Melanie Simon

Melina Cesar Furquim

Melisa Meconi

Melisa Scisciani (Melisa Julieta Scisciani)

Melissa Read-Devine

Melissa West

Melquiades Alvarez

Merien Rodrigues

Mia Von Schülern

Micaela Sarain

Michael Augustinski

Michael Morris

Michael Palmer

Michael Wissmann

Michael Zeeh

Michaela Stubbs

Michela Bortolozzi

Michele Teysseyre

Michele Unger

Michelle Rowley

Miguel Alonso

Miguel Angel Fuentes

Miguel Angel Mariel

Mike Straub

Milo Bianca

Milton Cazelatto

Milton Nisti

Minelvino (Minelvino Francisco da Silva)

Mireille Arditi

Miriam Mendes ( Miriam Aparecida Mendes)

Miriam Selvetti

Miriam Tolpolar (Miriam Galbinsky Tolpolar)

Miriam Zegrer

Miwako Oso

Moema Rebouças

Mon Shien Kan

Monica Martin

Monica Sanchez Vergara

Monica Schoenacher

Monika Hipfel

Monique Caro Camargo Frasson


Morena Coppola


Museu Casa da Xilogravura - edições

Museu do papel Fabriano - Edições

Museu Gutenberg de Mainz



Nádia Marzola

Nadine Respondek

Naldo (Antonio Leite Fernandes)

Naná de Sousa

Nanci Guedes Nastari Saia

Nancy Birch Podini

Nancy Hersch Ingram

Nancy Nastari

Nancy Osadchuk

Naoko Matsubara

Nathalie Noé Adam

Nathan Braga ( Nathan Braga Motta de Paula)

Nauer Spíndola

Neiva Mattioli Leite

Nelson Canet Pupo

Nestor Rossi

Neusa Josina Sales

Newton Cavalcanti

Niall Colgan

Nick Sykes

Nicola Sene

Nilda Calil Simino

Nilo (José Marcionilio Pereira Filho)

Niurka Bou Lopez (linóleo)

Nivaldo Oliveira

Nivalson Miranda

Nizaac Vallejo Silva

Noel Rodríguez Filio

Noeli Pomeranz

Norberto Stori

Nori Figueiredo 

Norma Mobilon ( Norma Maria Mobilon)

Norman Strike

Noza,Mestre(InocêncioMedeiros daCosta/InocênciodaCostaNick)



Octavia Mardonis

Odetto Guersoni

Odine Lang

Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo

Olga Flores ( Olga Flores de Díaz)

Olga Lunow

Olisar (Thelmo Santos Silveira)

Olivia Niemeyer

Omar Jee ( Omar dos Santos Filho)

Omar Rodigheri

Orlando da Silva

Orlando Montalvan

Ornella Tortora

Oscar Bearinger

Osvaldo da Silva

Osvaldo Jalil

Oswaldo Goeldi

Otávio Araújo

Otávio Filho

Otávio Soares

Otávio Zani Teixeira

Otto Heigold



Pablo Borges

Paco Aguilar

Pádua Belmont

Palito (Severino Marques de Souza Junior)

Paola Bacolla

Paola Pupillo

Paola Volpato

Paolo Miatto

Paolo Scarpa

Patricia Faria

Patricia Figueiredo Pedrosa

Patricia Lex

Patrícia Pedrosa ( Patrícia Figueiredo Pedrosa)

Patricia Puglisi

Patrick Armstrong

Paul Constance

Paul Davis

Paula Adriana

Paula Almozara

Paula De Podestá

Paula Gabbai ( Paula Escobar Gabbai)

Paula Gomes

Paula Paschoal ( Paula Maria Cataldi Paschoal da Costa)

Paula Pucci

Paula Tonelli

Paulette Redmond

Paulo Camillo Penna

Paulo Cesar de Paula

Paulo Cheida Sans

Paulo de Oliveira

Paulo Ernesto Nesti

Paulo Menten

Paulo Pacini

Paulo Pardini

Paulo Sérgio Leite Fernandes

Pedro Armando dos Santos

Pedro Carlos Costa

Pedro Fogaça

Pedro Hungria Cabral

Pedro Paulo Costa

Pedro Paulo dos Santos

Pedro Pessoa

Pedro Sánchez

Pedro Silvio Roberto

Pedro Yukio de Barros Hamaya

Perci Lau

Peres Sola


Peter Emch

Peter Stiefel

Petra Hospedura

Phyllis Rowe

Piergiuliano Reveane

Pierluigi Fornasier

Piranesi ( Giovan Battista)

Pixote Mushi (Clodoaldo Almeida da Silva)

Pontes da Silva

Preston Lawing

Priscila (deSouza)Bonfim

Priscila de Souza Bomfim




  1. Motta

Rachel Kaiser

Rachel Midori (Sugo Miyagui)

Rachel Midori Sugo Miyagui

Rachel Silber

Rafael Kenji

Rafael Santos Cezar

Rahel Mucke

Rai Bomfim de Jesus

Ralf Born

Ralf Hentrich

Ralph Heather

Ramiro Bernabó

Randie Feil

Raquel (de Souza)Lima

Raquel Dias

Raquel Lima

Raquel Lima (Raquel S. Lima Miranda)

Raymond Stoppele

Reg Boulton  (Reginald Boulton)


Regina Carvalho ( Regina Maria de Carvalho)

Regina Delfino

Regina Drozina

Régis Ribeiro

Rembrandt  (Armenszoon van Rijn) (Metal)

Renata Bueno

Renata Dias Maciel

Renata Salgado

Renata Salgado

Renate Hausbrandt Gruber

Renato Casimiro

Renato Mãozão (Renato Tupinambá de Abreu Junior

Renato Rea (Goldschmidt)

Renato Silva Trajano

Renato Torres

René Fehr-Biscioni

Renee Ugrin

Renina Katz

Rescan Cecile

Ricardo Cuenca Junior

Ricardo Grolla

Ricardo Junqueira (Barbosa)

Ricardo Mojardín

Ricardo Serafim ( Ricardo Rogrigues Serafim)

Riccardo Licata 

Ricco de Oliveira ( Ricardo de Oliveira)

Rich Fowler

Richard Stockham

Rildo Carlos Bezerra da Silva

Rinaldo da Costa Menezes

Rino Guandalini

Riopardense de Macedo (F.)

Rita da Rosa ( Rita Viera da Rosa)

Rita de Cássia

Rita de Cassia Araujo Lima

Rita de Cássia Neres

Ro Siqueira

Robert Simola

Roberta Andolfi

Roberto Burle Max

Roberto Flores

Roberto Magalhães

Roberto Martínez Martínez

Roberto Mazzetto

Roberto Rossini

Roberval Rodan ( Roberval Damião do Nascimento)

Rodica Tanasescu Vanni

Rodrigo Alves de Andrade

Rodrigo Cabello

Rodrigo Carvalho

Rodrigo Santos da Cunha

Roger Marx

Rogério Vitorino

Rolf Winnewisser

Roman Signer

Romaric Pivant

Romeu Segnan

Romildo de Sousa

Romildo Paiva

Romola Bellandi

Rosabianca Cinquetti

Rosali Soares

Rosana Rua Perez

Rosane Viegas

Rosângela Roosevelt

Rosanna Marcodoppido

Rosário Ferreira

Rosario Solla

Rose Catão

Roselene Trannin Capelete

Rosely Maria Pires

Rosemeire Farias

Rosette Choné

Rosita Aguirre Morey

Rótulos xilográficos

Rozemarijn Oudejans

Ruben Grilo

Ruben Mamani

Rubens ‘Spirito Santo

Rubi ( Rubi Imanishi)

Rudolf Deertz

Ruth Dee Egnater

Ruth Kelson

Ruth Leaf

Ruth Tarasantchi ( Ruth Sprung Tarasantchi)



Sachi Satomi


Salete Mulin

Salvatore (Gustavo Luiz Salvatore)

Sami Hassan

Samuel Ornelas

Sanae Yamamoto

Sandra Alves

Sandra Elaine Anastacio Alves de Moraes

Sandra La Porta

Sandra Montenegro

Sandra Moraes

Sandra Regina Alves

Sandra Soublin

Santiago Pooter Roza Sena da Silva

Sarah Chvilicek

Sarah Hauser

Sarah Linzmeyer

Sarah Sipling

Sarah Stout

Sarah Wojciechowshi

Sarah-Hope Parmeter

Savério Castelano


Sebá Neto ( Sebastião da Silva Neto)

Sebastian Knöbber( junto com Catharina Brödlin)

Sebastian Utzni

Sebastião de Paula

Sebastião Gaudêncio Branco de Oliveira

Sebastião Gomes Pedrosa

Sebastião Pedrosa

Sebastien Mettraux

Sérgio Andrejauskas Ferreira da Silva

Sergio Antunes Kall

Sergio Bigolin

Sérgio de Moraes

Sérgio Mattar

Sérgio Ramalho Motta

Sérgio Silva

Sergio Silva ( Sergio Ricardo Motta da Silva)

Sérvulo Esmeraldo

Sharri LaPierre

Sharron Huffman

Sherrie York

Shiê Thai Gan

Silvano Belardinelli

Silvano Tomaz

Silvia Kimie Taira

Silvia Lima ( Silvia Ferreira Lima)

Silvia Ragusin

Silvia Ruiz

Silvia Teixeira de Alencar

Simona Hernandez

Simone Jospin (Simone de Barros Carbonari Jospin)

Simone Kehl Duende

Simone Mendes dos Santos

Simone Peixoto

Simone Rebelo

Sissi De Martin

So Shin

Sofia Jajam

Soha Ben Slama


Solange Carvalho de R. C. Ramos

Sônia Castro

Sonia Fuhrmann da Silva

Sonia Jensen

Sonia Zitnickl

Sophie Dang Vu

Stabilimento di Arti Grafiche Gentile

Stefan Rutishauser

Stefano Grasselli

Stefano Kiko Piovesan

Stefano Minzi

Steffen O. Rumpf

Stella Maris de Figueiredo Bertinazzo

Stênio Diniz

Stephan Sude

Stephanie Chao

Su Shio Lin

Susan Kallaugher

Susana Canosa

Susi Piazza

Susumo Harada

Suzanne Salsbury

Suzanne Salvini (Suzanne dos Santos Salvini)

Suzel Neubarth ( Suzel Ko Freitag Neubarth)

Sylvia Taylor




Tais Godoy (Tais Pena de Castro)

Taiwan Muller

Takako Koizumi

Takako Seo

Tâmara Martins

Tan Chge Chan

Tan Fu Thie

Tânia Alcântara Mendonça (Maria)

Tânia Aufiero da Rocha

Tania Logiodice

Tânia Soares (Tânia Ribeiro Soares)

Tarsila do Amaral

Tatiane de Souza Linjardi Oliveira

Tchan Gan Chin

Tchan Ta Hua

Tchan Tchun Hua

Tchan Toun

Terciliano Junior

Teresa Yasuda

Teresa Zancarli

Terry Peart

Terry Sargent Peart

Tetê Grilo (Maria Tereza Oliveira Grilo)

Thaís dos Reis Carneiro

Thais Larizzatti

Thaís Véllozo

Theodoros Fragkos

Therese Krupp

Thiago Arruda

Thiago de Mello Brito

Thiago Montelli

Thifany Deise do Santos

Thomas Dettwiler

Thomas Rohrmann

Thomas Ruch

Tiago Costa de Sousa

Tiberiu Chelcea

Tiemi Noda (Ingrid Tiemi  Noda)

Tilman Rothermel

Timm Kregel

Timothy Frerichs

Tiny Domingos

Titti Zerega

Tiziana Talamini

Tom Kristensen

Tom Thijsse

Tomie Otake

Torsten Jungstand

Toshimi Kitano

Tseng Chu Chun ( Kimmy Tseng )+C1056

Tsin Zi Tsun




Ubirajara Ribeiro

Uiara Bartira

Ulisses Lociks Cavalcanti de Gusmão

Ulysses Boscolo

Umberto Giovannini

Unhandeijara Lisboa

Uschi Krempel

Utagawa Kunisada



Valdeck de Garanhuns

Valdério S. da Costa

Valdirene Rodrigues Silva Galvão

Valeria Laura Adrover

Valerie Syposz




Valter Gambelli

Vanessa Carpanezi

Vanna Verdi


Vera Chalmers (Vera Maria Chalmers)

Vera Lucia Lemes Gomes

Vera Maria Leitão Wild

Vera Martini

Vera Regina Corrêa

Vera Salamanca

Vermelho (Paulo Cesar Lenço)

Verônica Lima( Verônica Melo de Lima)

Veronica Longo

Veronika Brusa

Veruska Cristina Ribeiro Rorigues

Vicente Jurado López

Vicki LoSasso


Victor Rebuffo

Victorya Antonoff

Vilma (Maria Santos )Rebouças

Vincenzo Eulisse

Vinicius Almeida

Vinicius Libardoni

Virginia Sheehan

Vital Simonet

Vitória Marques

Vittoria Personeni Quadrio

Viviam Campos

Viviane Flores de Alvarenga Peixoto

Volker Führer



  1. L. Berner

Wagner dos Santos Lopes

Wagner Ferreira Neves

Wagner Scabar

Waldemar Moll

Waldemir Pedro Bezerra Cavalcanti

Walderedo Gonçalves (Walderedo Gonçalves de Oliveira)

Waldir Brownson ( Waldir Rodrigues Filho)

Walkiria Maia Dabbas

Walter Morando

Walter Rocha

Walterina Zanellatti

Wan Tien

Wan Zun Hua

Washington Assunção de Oliveira

Wei Zhi Ren

Wendy Morris

Wendy Shaft

Wendy Willis

William Evertson

Willian da Silva

Willian Felipe Lopes da Silva

Willian Martins Ribeiro

Willy Pontin

Wladimir Fontes



Xavier Corro Tapia

Xico Carvalho



Yan Tchau

Yan Yon Han

Yara Bizutti

Yara Tupinambá

Yasuko Funada


Yediz Vergara Gonzales

Yetta Trentin

Yili Rojas

Yolanda Carvalho

Yolanda Espinoso

Yolanda Mohalyi

Yoshie Uchida

Yoshiko Tsubouchi

Yuriko Miyoshi



Zacarias José (Zacarias José dos Santos, dito Severino José)

Zaida Gomez

Zamy ( Francisca Zami Bernardo Provazi Pesci)

Zé Andrade (José Andrade Santos)

Zelia Maria Avellar C.P. Cardoso

Zênio (Francisco Zenio Fernandes de Brito)

Zenon Barreto

Zila Souza Araujo

Zimaldo Bactéria (Zimaldo Baptista de Melo)

Zínia Carvalho

Zoila Reyes (Zoila Angelica Reyes Pineda)

Zoravia Bettiol




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