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Museu da xilogravura em Campos do Jordão

In the Xylography Museum , the visitor can watch, live or in video, how woodcut and wood engraving prints are made.

Pode também apreciar, na Mostra Permanente de Xilogravuras centenas de obras de xilógrafos brasileiros, bem como de arThe visitor can also enjoy, at the Xylograph Permanent Exhibit, hundreds works by Brazilian engravers, as well as by artists from China, England, Korea, Japan, France, Sudan, Spain, Thailand, Italy, Argentina etc., and useful printings (wood printed taro deck of cards, labels, ex-libris, “cordel” booklets etc.), which belong to the Museum collection comprised by thousands of pieces created by hundreds artists.

The collection permanent exhibit also includes the exhibit “The Magic of Multiplication”, which explains the relation between woodcut and wood engraving printing and other branches of graphic multiplication, and shows works and equipments for stereotypy, typography, linotype, linoleum, chalcography, rotography, lithography, offset, serigraphy, fabric stamping etc.

Since 2009, the Museum has exhibited, in three other rooms, a manual composition typography printing shop, invention that Gutenberg developed inspired on the woodcut printing technique. This printing shop has been fully restored and prints Xylography Museum’s artistic works. Through panels and materials shown in display windows, the visitors are informed on the typographic printing technique.

There is also another permanent exhibit: “A Little History of this Museum", which shows documents, texts and photos explaining how the Xylography Museum came to be and grew, and a listing of the events and exhibits that took place since 1987, when it was founded.

Av. Eduardo Moreira da Cruz, 295,
Campos do Jordão - São Paulo - Brasil

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