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International Exhibition: XiloPrint  2019 Brazil


NEW DEADLINE till 15 February 2019 for sending the prints

The  Xylography Museum / Museu Casa da Xilogravura invites all the engravers of the world who do not live in Brazil to take part in the  International Exhibition: XiloPrint  2019 Brazil

by sending, for free, one woodcut or wood engraving print (without frame; free measures)

till 15 February 2019 to the following address:


Museu Casa da Xilogravura

Caixa postal 42

12460-000 Campos do Jordão – SP



Only one artist will be selected to get the XyloPrint 2019 Brazil Prize, award equivalent to US$ 1,000 (one thousand USA dollars).

Xylography Museum will issue a personal Participation Certificate to everyone print sender.

The prints will be exhibited at International Exhibition: XiloPrint 2019 Brazil (Museu Casa da Xilogravura/Xylography Museum, Campos do Jordão  City, year 2019.)

The sent woodcut, will integrate forever the xylography Museum collection . They will not return to the senders.


To participate, please, write the below information on paper in capital letters, sign it and send it inside the package with the woodcut/wood engraving print:


International Exhibition: XiloPrint  2019 Brazil

Title (name) of the artwork:

Year, number and dimensions (height x width) of the artwork:

Artist’s full name:

Artistic name:

Brief Curriculum Vitae:



State or Region:


ZIP Code:

Telephone number:



Thank you and good luck

We are looking for woodcut and wood engraving prints all over the world

Av. Eduardo Moreira da Cruz, 295,
Campos do Jordão - São Paulo - Brasil

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